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Advancement Project’s National Office Successfully Files Election Day Georgia Litigation to Extend Polling Hours

Advancement Project’s National Office Successfully Files Election Day Missouri Litigation Mandating Election Officials Accept Approved Voter Identification


Louisiana Supreme Court Denies Case Seeking Right to Vote for Parolees and Probationers

Appeals Court Rules that Advancement Project, ACLU Challenge to Missouri Voter ID Implementation Must be Heard

Missouri Secretary of State Ashcroft Wastes Another Opportunity to Safeguard Elections, Expand Access

Partisan Gerrymandering Still a Threat to Communities of Color

With 5-4 Ruling on Husted, Door is Open for Suppressive Voter Purge Tactics

VOTE v. Louisiana Appealed to Louisiana Supreme Court 

Missouri Voter Protection Coalition Calls on State to Allow Community to Properly Exercise Fundamental Right to Vote

Voting Rights Watchdogs Ask Court To Protect Missouri Voters Before Elections

VOTE Makes History on Rights Restoration With Groundbreaking Legislation in Louisiana

Following Appeals Court Ruling in Vote v. Louisiana, Advocates to ask Louisiana Supreme Court to Affirm Right to Vote

On Day of VOTE v. Louisiana Oral Arguments, VOTE Members Reclaiming their Right to Vote Will Hold Events at LSU

Statement on U.S. District Court Ruling on Florida Rights Restoration

Advancement Project Launches, Online Home of the Grassroots Fight for the Right to Vote

Pence-Kobach “Election Integrity” Commission Shuts Down

Advancement Project Files Appeal Seeking to Restore the Right to Vote to Tens of Thousands of Voters

BREAKING: Civil Rights Groups to File Appeal to Affirm Right to Vote in Louisiana

Missouri Voter Protection Coalition Denounces Ashcroft’s Attack on Right to Vote

Advancement Project’s Statement on Executive Order Establishing “Election Integrity” Advisory Commission

In Letter, Missouri Voter Protection Coalition Demands Ashcroft Stop Endangering Voters’ Access to Ballot

Victory in Florida: State Supreme Court Clears Rights Restoration Initiative for 2018 Ballot

Attacks on Voting Rights Are Intolerable, Must Be Condemned

A Time to Fight, Organize and Protect

Sessions is Latest Dangerous Addition to Trump Administration

Statement from Missouri Voter Protection Coalition on Amendment 6

Missouri Legislature Passes Bills to Undercut Fundamental Right to Vote

Lawsuit Challenging Restoration of Voting Rights in Virginia is Undemocratic

Civil Rights and Labor Groups Join Forces; Call for Innovative Tactics to Protect the Right to Vote

Missouri Legislature Continues Attack on Fundamental Right to Vote

Civil Rights Organizations Decry Political Attack on Right to Vote in Virginia

Civil Rights Groups File Amicus Brief in Virginia Restoration of Voting Rights Case